Goodbye Disney thanks for the memories but l will never miss you!

After spending my last day at the park yesterday, l started reflecting and concluded that the memories you gave us have been great!As my kids are getting older and we have visited you a couple of times l think you’ll have to admit that it’s sensible for us to go our separate ways! Disney, for an expensive holiday it got a bit too much!As l said the memories that we created with you are great but whenever we came to see you we always experienced a great sense of dread!When we arrived, it was reassuring to see the men protecting you, in full army regalia with their guns pointing and ready to shoot. However, this emphasized the danger for us especially when we noticed how crowded the place was!We endured all the queuing starting with the que to get through security. Queuing to be let into the park. Queuing to get onto the different rides, queuing to view different attractions, queuing for autographs with the pretend “Mickey”.Queuing to use the toilet, queuing to buy lunch and then queuing for somewhere to sit and eat our lunch.Queuing to drink water at the fountain. Joining the que to buy icecream and then finding out that it’s all ran out when we got to the front of the que?In between the very long walks we did yet more queuing until we found a que leading out of the park much to our relief. Our legs didn’t feel like they were still there.So we crawled back to the hotel and slumped onto our beds too tired to be interested in any thing else.

You with the sad eyes

In the book of Joel God said that he will restore all the years that have been stolen in your life.
I see that you’re determined to break out of the mould and leave your mark on this world! I believe God has given you seeds of greatness. I want you to know that people don’t determine your destiny but God does. Sometimes the people closest to you may not support you, let it go and run your race. Did you know God has put dreams in all of us but the responsibility of stirring them up is up to us. You’re doing this and you inspire me. You should stay focused never let delay destruct your dreams.
Your dreams are right on time because God works in seasons. God can make a way where there is no way. God can create success sooner than expected because he’s a supernatural being.
You’re coming into overflow and you’re going to set a new standard in your family and life. The forces that are for you are bigger than the forces against you.
When negative things that don’t destruct your dreams are happening it means you’re on the right path way to your dream stay in faith.
Remember what God whispered to you in the night, the secret petitions of your heart? The stuff that you haven’t told anyone about? God is saying, l’ve spoken it l’m true to my word and it’s on the way!
My dear l need you to understand that when God puts a dream in your heart, they will be tough times and when those tough times come, God wants you to remember that he himself put those dreams in your heart and you’re to hold onto the promises of God. The dream will be fulfilled.
The right people, the right breaks are headed your way. Be prepared by stirring what God has given you.
Everything that has happened in your life so far is a set up for God to get you where you ought to be!

Her breath smelt of poo and vinegar!

One day when my daughter returned from school as per usual, we had our tea, rested and started getting ready for her singing session, until l noticed that my daughter wasn’t budging! When l asked her why, she informed me that she no longer wanted to carry on with her singing lesson’s because the singing teacher had a breath which smelt of poo and vinegar!

Not my daughter but someone who looks like her.

l was nonplussed by this. What was shocking was how she was able to come up with a new excuse every time she changed her mind about a commitment previously agreed on. My daughter is 7 and whilst l was not angry with her, l’ll have to admit l was getting a little frustrated. She loves to sing, that’s all she ever does.  l only suggested involving a singing teacher when she told me how desperately she wanted to sing professionally like the popstars!

Prior to this, she had also informed me about how she wanted to be skilful at dancing. After attending the dancing school, you guessed it she came up with a silly excuse.

Just like my daughter l have also come up with ingenious ways of encouraging her to commit to what she likes. I do this because knowing how to prepare my children for a future that doesn’t yet exist  is  by far the most challenging responsibility of a parent. Where possibly all careers might become automated. Leading my children to a place where being successful might only be realised by those who are creative, curious and innovative.  A future where people may only be hired for not only what they know but for what they can do with what they know.

 Successful individuals consider being creative as the most important leadership skill. For this reason,  l resolved to unearth my kid’s talents and  develop them now because the future starts now.  No matter how ridiculous the excuses get. The idea is to give them space to be creative and express their true selves through doing what they enjoy.

Your children are not your children, they are the son’s and daughters of life longing itself. They come through you, but not from you and although they are with you they do not belong to you. You may give them your love, but not your thoughts. They have their own thoughts, you may house their bodies, but not their souls for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow (Khalil Gibran).

Being proactive versus being reactive.

When my husband and l noticed that the car had deteriorated in age.  Although we had no major problems with the car.  We began planning to change the car for a newer model.  We knew that if we prolonged use of the car, it might end up completely breaking down.

 Hence, we decided to search for deals available to buy a new car. We had our old car assessed to assert it’s value. The company responsible for assessing our car informed us that the car was worth a measly amount and we disagreed with this conclusion.

 The car was a decent Honda-CRV, and fully functional. Consequently, we enlisted the car on Ebay, with a very detailed description of the age and state of the car .We invited bids by requesting prospective buyers to offer what they perceived the car was worth.

 Proving what we thought, customers began bidding until they got up to a thousand pounds!  The individual who won the bid and subsequently bought the car paid one thousand pounds.

Consequently, we raised the deposit for the new car. Through this, we acquired a decent amount for the much needed deposit.  The car was not broken down yet, hence we had plenty of time to hunt for suitable deals matching our circumstances. I realised that by taking this option we had started to grow our proactive muscle.

However, if we had decided to carry on, with the old car until it was completely broken down, we wouldn’t have had enough time to raise a deposit. We would have needed the car immediately to avoid becoming desperate and stranded at home. We would have had no means of getting to work and school. This would have left us at a disadvantage, liable and vulnerable to accepting unfavourable deals and terms.

Taking the later option would mean reacting to the situation.  Although the problem would be resolved we would end up gaining a bad deal. Being reactive is dealing with things as they come, not planning in advance. Generally, always unprepared and surprised at the turn of events.  Blaming the circumstances and everyone around and ending up in difficult situations.

Trying to improve myself has been about looking at every decision and every thought to see if I’m being proactive or reactive to my situation. Being proactive is about being very organised and projecting myself into the future.  Never blaming anyone when things go wrong. Understanding the relationship between being reactive and proactive and making the choice is what constant improvement is all about.  

What made me decide to pursue my purpose.


Even though I was juggling a busy job, enjoying being a mum and a wife l still should have been experiencing fulfilment, l thought. I concluded this because having a marriage and a family is a blessing from God, it is the epitome of self-actualisation.

l couldn’t help but notice the growing feeling of discontent. I presumed that this feeling was being generated by the stressful job in my life. Needless to say l now know that this job could have been less stressful if my life was being guided by vision, goals and dreams.

 l discovered that in order to have a fulfilling life l needed these things in my life. The problem was that not only did l not have dreams, but I didn’t know what my dreams were. Worse still l didn’t have any talents and l hadn’t spent any time exploring what my habits or passions are. This is typical when you neglect self-love, you become a stranger to yourself and no one can help you.

The more l searched the more l discovered that every single one of us has talents. The only way to discover the talents, dreams and goals that could transform our life was by engaging self-love and getting to know ourselves.

Prior to this l had assumed that I was too busy to spend time on my habits, l thought l  had no talents and felt like l didn’t need these things. I just focused on the job which enabled me to earn a living.  This is the reason why l had remained stressed and lacked contentment with my life.

l needed to have dreams and goals to eradicate the stress in my life. Having dreams and goals means that you have something to focus on no matter what challenges life throws at you.

The sunflower has a special skill called heliotropism, it always faces the sun. It can turn itself and follow the sun no matter what and we possess this same strain. Being stressed is a decision we can avoid.

We avoid it by creating time and spending it on getting to know ourselves. This can include journaling and reflecting on our lives.   Becoming really intentional about searching for our likes and dislikes. The secret desires that God has hidden in our hearts.  Considering what our expectations out of life are and deciding that achieving our dreams is our birth right and we are entitled to them.

Feeling   convinced that we are worthy and we deserve the best out of life. This is selflove, when we practise this, we will be able to create a vision for our lives.  We will develop our dreams and create goals then banish the stress from our life. We will become very busy  pursuing our dreams to feel stressed about life.

My son is doing better than his peers!

After writing his end of year exams, my son came home excited, and announced that he had received his science result back .

 After finding out the result l expressed my concern as a parent and encouraged him to do better. This immediately wiped the look of excitement off his face which was replaced by a look of surprise! “But mum”, he argued, “l did better than all my friends”.  I could tell by the look of satisfaction on his face that he thought this would impress me?

 “I do not think that’s necessarily true”, l replied earnestly. At which point my son looked very defensive because he thought l was accusing him of lying.

I wasn’t and l proceeded to explain.

Children learning in class.

 I have learnt that, it’s impossible to judge how people are doing in their lives, if they haven’t shared their goals and aspirations with us, l informed my son.  I made him aware that, although his friends scored less than him, we will never know if they failed or not! As we do not know what the vision for their life is.

 Friends could be pursuing other interests outside the classroom such as sports, singing or playing instruments etc. They could be excelling in their chosen fields outside the classroom and scoring low marks on their school-work.  It might simply mean that academic performance, may not be on top of their priorities. If that is the situation then, technically, your friends are achieving their goals, even when you assume otherwise.

Life is not about comparing yourself to others.  We should never resort to taking comfort in other people’s failures or conclude that how other people perform has anything to do with us. This lowers our standards, we miss our goals and encounter a failed event! Although, we can learn lessons and move on.

Emphasis should be placed on always formulating our own goals based on what we are good at and what we like. Then focusing on that, no matter how our friends are performing or how they might perceive us. It’s about accomplishing the goals and vision we have for our lives. We aim to do better because of the kind of individuals we want to become. Our friends are never part of the equation when it comes to personal matters concerning our life!

I had a bad day!

Whilst reading a book by John Maxwell.  I came across a chapter about what defined a good day and whether we have a list of things to tick off in order to decide if it was a bad or good day?

As l listened l had a feeling that l knew where he was headed with this! I was very familiar with John Maxwell’s teachings and l quickly deduced that he was going to talk about a personal development plan!  The chapter emphasised and discussed more on having a personal development plan which leads to success. As success is hidden in our daily habits.

I think his day got worse than mine!

I took this opportunity to pause reading the book and explore my daily habits to see if l was on track. I considered that l was writing, journaling, reading my bible and praying more.

I was especially proud of myself for being very persistent on the Blog.  l went to bed on a high that day!  It wasn’t until l woke up the next morning to discover that l had completely missed my husband’s birthday?

What’s worse was that, by the time l remembered, he had already left for work. I was very disappointed with myself!  While it’s not always about the gifts. I value acknowledging, honouring and reminding him how much myself and the kids love him.

Therefore, l felt that although l had established daily goals, l had failed on one important aspect of my life! And if l had to reflect on that day l would have to conclude that this day had been a bad day. Resulting from this oversight on my part. I believe that life is what happens between the busy plans that we make.   l never want to become one of those individuals who achieve their goals but discover that they are still unhappy in their personal lives.

Consequently, having daily goals means evaluating them each day to see if the priorities need altering.

Fortunately, l now understand that failure is an event that can be learned from and l intend to make good use of lessons gained from this incident.