Breaking away from familiar is the only way to exist!

Working long gruelling hours in a casualty department as a registered nurse became an ordeal that resulted in dreadful habits being created in my life. In a bid to recover, my off work days were often characterised by prolonged hours of being idle. Sitting in front of the tv watching endless soaps on Netflix. I felt emotionally exhausted and was completely worn out physically. Tidying up my home was the furthest thing from my mind. I was dog tired and couldn’t be bothered to go shopping which meant l couldn’t cook healthy food and mostly ate unhealthy take away food.

Unsurprisingly l looked around my environment one day and realised that the disorder on my outer surroundings was acting in concert with my inner state of mind. I resolved to change my situation by reading empowering books.

To cut the long story short l managed to change my situation. Nowadays my life has completely changed. Whilst l appreciate all the lessons, l learned from my harrowing job, l am grateful to God that l am no longer in that situation.

Hence, when l started learning success principles, l created this blog as a way of reasserting and reflecting what l am learning to myself and everyone else who might be interested. The most trans-formative principle l have learnt to date, is that to be successful in life, you need to implement daily habits and goals. Therefore my acquired daily habits now include writing, reading and listening to either motivational or inspirational speech.

Since changing my job, l now have plenty of time. However, l have not been resolute in following through with my newly created habits. I wondered why? Distinctly, l explored for answers and stumbled upon something so profound!

I discovered that, out of all the success principles, planning is the most effective principle. Apparently the secret to success lies in mastering this singular concept!

I have not been planning my days or my time . I just assumed that l will be able to do it since l now understand the importance of having daily habits. I did not not realise that when l don’t plan my days, l’m liable to reverting to old habits such as binge-ing on Netflix. I also learned that the only regulator of time is planning and accounting for time before it comes.

What’s more, reverting to old habits is a sign of resisting change which is futile because time and change are inescapable in life! Anyone who desires success must be constantly changing and adjusting to new situations because change is inevitable.

I think l deliberately decided not to plan because l was finding change hard! l wanted to change but still carry on with old habits ? No doubt it turned out to be an improbable feat!

I also realised that for me to implement change effectively l need to understand the value of what may be gained by giving up the things l like ( Netflix) right now. I created a dream board to visualise what l will gain. One thing guaranteed in life, which l have plenty of right now, is time and the only way to regulate it is by planning!

3 thoughts on “Breaking away from familiar is the only way to exist!

  1. Absolutely agree. I commend you on your new habits. Change is tough but needed. I struggle with binge-watching and binge-eating sweets. However, planning my time to post at least 1-2 times weekly to write helps me. Though I have obligations, taking the time to write is very freeing and needed to express my creativity. Thank you for sharing your progress and look forward to hearing more.


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