The best thing l ever did for my children as a parent.

One thing that became very apparent to me, even when l was a child is that some people have an exceptional life and some simply do not. Apparently everybody including children aspires to live a magnificent life. We express this need by querying about the state of our future.

Indeed when l was a child l asked my mum what my future will be like and she informed me that the future was unknown and the events of the future were beyond our control. From that answer l built up a belief that the future is very uncertain. Fast forward to now, my life had in actual fact became uncertain and lacked contentment.

As a parent my children also started to ask me about their future prospects. Through that l realised that l wanted a different outcome for my children and also needed to transform my situation. I wanted to give them answers that would be more reassuring but also leading them to more fulfilling careers and wholesome relationships.

I had observed that individuals who raised successful children believed in encouraging their children to dream big form a young age! I really wanted to encourage my children to dream big but the problem or reality was that l had not dreamed big and my life wasn’t how l wanted it to be. So how would l convince my children to do what l didn’t know to be the truth? It was not my reality and l wanted to be authentic!

This conflict in my mind led me to a new habit of reading to seek wisdom and answers. When l began reading l began to understand that what you say in life shapes how you think and what you expect or believe in life. As l carried on reading l became cognizant of the fact that in life, they are things that are certain and uncertain in life. We can use that knowledge to decide how our future pans out. For instance as a christian l became aware that if l knock the door will be opened and if l ask l will receive!

That means whatever we are seeking can be made available to us if we ask or seek that which we need or want. l learned that we are co creators with the universe and that gives us some degree of control about our future!

All it takes is asking the right kind of questions! That is, when we wonder about the future. We must understand that we are craving a better life and wondering how to construct a good future. Therefore the question should be, what do we want in the future and how do we achieve that ?

For instance if we want to be successful in a singing career we can start seeking ways of ensuring success now. Seeking that aspiration would entail practising the craft. We would do this because we have the knowledge that asking and backing it up with action is what separates a dream from a wish.

However, if this is about the future why would we seek what we need now? Because all we ever have in life is now. We can never get to the future or past without experiencing the ‘now’ part of our life. Hence what we are doing now and what we are hoping for in the future is connected.

Certainly, if we want a better life we can start working towards it now and then the only thing that becomes uncertain would be the exact time of fruition.

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