Apparently when you dream of achieving success there is more?

Tyler Perry has been on everybody’s lips including mine. As l listened to his story of success l began to understand that beyond success is something called significance. That’s what Tyler Perry achieved!

My definition of financial success entails financial independence and accruing enough resources to retire and still live comfortably for a whole life. Initially this is what Tyler was aiming for when he began his journey. All he aspired to, was to earn enough money to tend to his mum. But when he started to work on his goals and plans, it was not plain sailing at all.

The Man of the moment

I sat there and listened as he explained that he invested and arranged shows that no one ever turned up to watch. How he carried on for years without getting much traction and choosing to remain unwavering in his purpose even though throwing in the towel was a tempting option. His perseverance paid off because he eventually made it!

After making it, he realised that he had produced about 20 successful movies and had become financially independent. He felt exhausted and considered giving up because his mum who had been his main source of inspiration had died. But he had a son and wondered what legacy his son would have of him? This spurred him on.

This simple decision catapulted him from success to significance. He became a history maker. I have never met him in real life but he made a great impact on me from across the world. He is now pursuing a purpose greater than him. He stated that when he makes decisions he has to consider other people, as his life is now interconnected with other people’s hopes and dreams. When money can no longer be an incentive serving others becomes the dream.

Even though Tyler’s story inspired me l am mindful of the fact that myself and the whole world would not have been impacted by this man had he not persevered when he felt like giving up. Apparently each time you consider giving up, if you choose not to something great comes out of that option.

He thought about giving up initially when he was starting out and when he decided not to. He achieved success. After achieving success he considered giving up because success comes with substantial responsibility and commitment, which we don’t always contemplate because of misplaced focus. Remaining resolute transformed him into greatness!

My lesson from this, is that the road to becoming successful is a very lonely road and difficult road. The feeling of giving up is very common and familiar problem to most successful people. However, just because l feel like giving up it doesn’t mean l should act on it. l should feel the emotion but act anyway because that is what will lead to achieving goals.

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