Knocking for opportunity

I had often heard that sometimes in life you lack because you fail to ask and the door of opportunity is never open because you did not knock on it. I understood all of it.What l wasn’t sure of, was, what sort of help l could ask for and how l could knock for opportunity.Until l heard of a young man called Reggie Nelson. He did both, he asked the right kind of questions and then he knocked on the door of opportunity and it opened!

I was amazed at how Reggie, literally changed his life by asking and physically knocking on the door of opportunity to change his life. Although a few doors where shut in his face, one door opened and his life was never the same. When l heard Reggie’s story l had to share.

Reggie was born and raised on a council estate by a single mum after his father died. Not long after, Reggie was excluded from school and was already having run ins with the law.His circumstances and environment appeared to be a barrier. They were preventing him from navigating his life to the direction which he wanted. Despite all this he was like any normal child and had big dreams for his life. His dream was of a university education followed by getting a top job with all the wealth to go with it. The problem was he had no idea how to achieve this.

Reggie Nelson in the wealthy area of London

Reggie began to search for answers and he discovered that in order to change results in life you needed to change what you were doing in your life! He thought about what he could do in his life to get different results and he decided on an idea which led him to investigate the richest area in London. He devised a plan.

The plan was to walk up to the doors of wealthy people and just blatantly ask them what skills and qualifications had transformed them into wealthy beings so that he could extrapolate that to improve his life?

To Reggie’s dismay after hours of walking, one day a lady opened a door and ushered him in and the gentleman inside that house turned out to be the senior executive of a big investment company who offered to mentor him.Under his tutorage and guidance Reggie graduated and secured a lucrative job in the corporate world and now he is helping others to get into the financial sector.

What really stands out for me in this story when l listened to Reggie speak, is that he mentioned how some people, in fact lots of people opened their door and just told him to study hard. He carried on knocking even though he didn’t know the exact help he was looking for, his instinct told him that they must be more to success than just studying hard.

It was only when someone invited him in and sat down to speak to him and offer him the internship that he felt that he had acquired what he needed.

That teaches me that you just have to do what comes to your mind even when you are not sure on how exactly it will pan out.

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