Would this have stopped you?

A young man was extremely ambitious, driven and very keen to become a politician. When he felt ready he decided to launch his campaign.

On the day of launching his campaign, only one person turned up. After waiting for a while hoping and wishing for more people to turn up, it finally dawned on him that they were no other people coming.

So he walked up to the only person who had turned up and said, “Man l’m only a young inexperienced politician, do you think l should deliver this speech?” The individual, who was from the nearby farm, replied and said , “l don’t know anything about politics, l’m just a cow handler from the farm.But what l do know is that if l called the cattle to feed and only one came l would go ahead and feed it.”So the young politician went ahead and delivered the speech. He spoke for 2 hours straight and his audience ,which was made up of this one farmer, maintained an expressionless face the whole time so the politician had no idea how he had performed.

So he asked the man what he thought of his speech?.The man cleared his throat and stated, ” like l said before l’m only a cow man from the farm and still don’t know much about politics but what l do know is this, if l called my cattle to feed and only one turned up l certainly wouldn’t dump all the hay on just the one cow.”

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