Being proactive versus being reactive.

When my husband and l noticed that the car had deteriorated in age.  Although we had no major problems with the car.  We began planning to change the car for a newer model.  We knew that if we prolonged use of the car, it might end up completely breaking down.

 Hence, we decided to search for deals available to buy a new car. We had our old car assessed to assert it’s value. The company responsible for assessing our car informed us that the car was worth a measly amount and we disagreed with this conclusion.

 The car was a decent Honda-CRV, and fully functional. Consequently, we enlisted the car on Ebay, with a very detailed description of the age and state of the car .We invited bids by requesting prospective buyers to offer what they perceived the car was worth.

 Proving what we thought, customers began bidding until they got up to a thousand pounds!  The individual who won the bid and subsequently bought the car paid one thousand pounds.

Consequently, we raised the deposit for the new car. Through this, we acquired a decent amount for the much needed deposit.  The car was not broken down yet, hence we had plenty of time to hunt for suitable deals matching our circumstances. I realised that by taking this option we had started to grow our proactive muscle.

However, if we had decided to carry on, with the old car until it was completely broken down, we wouldn’t have had enough time to raise a deposit. We would have needed the car immediately to avoid becoming desperate and stranded at home. We would have had no means of getting to work and school. This would have left us at a disadvantage, liable and vulnerable to accepting unfavourable deals and terms.

Taking the later option would mean reacting to the situation.  Although the problem would be resolved we would end up gaining a bad deal. Being reactive is dealing with things as they come, not planning in advance. Generally, always unprepared and surprised at the turn of events.  Blaming the circumstances and everyone around and ending up in difficult situations.

Trying to improve myself has been about looking at every decision and every thought to see if I’m being proactive or reactive to my situation. Being proactive is about being very organised and projecting myself into the future.  Never blaming anyone when things go wrong. Understanding the relationship between being reactive and proactive and making the choice is what constant improvement is all about.  

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