The guy who led a dance craze but couldn’t dance.

Recently l watched a you tube video that went viral seemingly for the right reasons. Although this video is quite old, ten years to be precise, l couldn’t help but reflect on what this video meant to me.  The you tube video is titled, “Sasquatch music festival 2009- guy starts a dance party.” Seriously l recommend you check out this video it has 15 million hits!

The Sasquatch music video starts off with everyone sitting down and looking decidedly bored!  They appear to be waiting for the concert to begin.   Out of the blue, one very bold guy gets up and starts dancing! What makes it especially painful to watch is, the fact that this guy’s moves are by no means   graceful or rhythmical at all.  It’s quite obvious, that he can’t dance. His moves appear somewhat awkward and all over the place.  Everyone stops to gawk and there is a sense of uneasiness as they glare at him!

Sasquatch dance festival guy defining leadership moment.

Needless to say, this guy appears completely unfazed by the peering looks and the uncomfortable glances. He continues to dance in a cheerful and good- humoured manner daringly, all by himself on the dance floor!

And as he carries on, those same people begin to appreciate and almost envy his determination to extract pleasure from this uneventful setup.

 Interestingly when they continued watching, they were transformed from perceiving him as shameful to noticing how refreshing he is.  They realised that his liveliness was contagious.

In that moment a second guy joins the dance floor. When the first guy notices this, he quickly moves over to where he was and smiles to welcome him. Then he held his hands and danced alongside him.

Before long everybody registers how much fun is being created on the dance floor and they can no longer resist joining in the fun. One by one they all get up to join this happy go lucky guy.

This for me, sums up a good example of leadership.  This guy did not beg people to dance with him. He simply showed them how much fun he was having.  He made it so tempting and irresistible!

Evidently, he made a decision before joining this group, that he was going to have fun when he got there, no matter what.  Therefore, when he got up to dance alone this is the vision that he’s upholding in his mind. He believed in his vision so much that he didn’t care whether people thought he was a good dancer or not. In the end when the crowd noticed how sure of himself he was, they had no choice but to join him. His belief in himself is what made them become his followers and he in turn became a leader.

Hello somebody?  Hold on to that vision. This is for you!

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