My truth about Blogging.

I started blogging in January this year. The focus for my Blog is to keep me creating and reflecting on what l am learning.

However, I have come across other bloggers and noticed how much success they’ve achieved.  I wondered if the same could happen for me? l started to work harder and putting more effort into writing, that’s when l noticed how difficult, it is to make a mark through blogging. I became curious about what it would take to produce the perfect article that will catapult me to success!

 I searched for answers and discovered a fantastic illustration which helped reshape my thinking…..

An art teacher divided the class in two groups, (A & B) of students. She instructed group A to create a large amount of art, she informed them that they would be solely graded on the quantity of art they produce. Whatever quality was fine. Each one simply had to create as much art as time would allow.

The students in group B, on the other hand, were instructed to create the perfect piece of art. Each student would be graded solely on that one piece of art. At the end of the course all the art pieces were ordered based on their quality.

Interestingly all the best art pieces were made by the students in group A. That is the group instructed to create as much art as possible. Because their goal was quantity, they had a lot of experience with the process itself. They really learned how to work the materials and the tools. They had practised turning their ideas into reality. At first poorly, then better and better more and more aligned to their own vision. Due to their experimentation they had become more skilled by the day.

While group A was busy creating, group B the ones instructed to create the perfect art piece were busy planning and designing the idea thing. They were thinking a lot but not creating. A lot of them had become paralysed by the task, afraid of producing anything less than perfect.

This made me realise that through quantity l too can create quality!

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