Is Zimbabwe about to give birth?

Although, l have been living outside Zimbabwe for almost 20years and settled in the diaspora. I have maintained a deep connection to Zimbabwe.  I believe that sometimes you can never know where you are going until you understand where you are coming from.

Personally, as a Zimbabwean in the diaspora l have remained interested in the current affairs of Zimbabwe and will stop at nothing to devour any media news as long as they’re reporting news on Zimbabwe.

 I listen to Zim-dance hall with pride. My children absolutely adore this type of music. My 12 yearold son run’s on the treadmill listening to killer T. My daughter thinks the world of Ninja- Lipsy and idolises her!

 Sometimes being away from home exposes you to being treated as if you don’t belong and   will always be required to prove that you deserve to be here.  The media is full of news slandering immigrants.

Whilst the British government is actively recruiting more professional foreign workers to come and join their indignant workforce. When these foreigners accept the job offers, much like me, they will initially think that they are welcome, just like l did. Before realising that they are never seen as individual human beings or professionals but rather perceived as opportunistic leeches draining the British economy. I have to say though not all British people agree with how foreign people are perceived in their country.

 Maintaining a connection with home is comforting because it reminds me of a time when I was accepted for who I am. When l knew that I was black but never noticed it.

 A favourite author of mine Chimamanda, migrated from Nigeria to America and noticed how black people are pigeonholed with a negative connotation. She initially decided to separate herself by arguing that she didn’t see herself as black but rather as an African. Eventually she realised that it really didn’t matter what your origins were.  The perpetrators of discrimination concluded that if you were black, you are an unwelcome foreigner regardless of what you have to offer.

Despite all this, existing in the diaspora has availed a set of privileges   I wouldn’t otherwise have experienced in Zimbabwe and for that lam grateful will always be.

So, my fellow Zimbabweans back home there is no us and them. We are all really, still Zimbabweans where-ever we are on the world map. Each time we hear of another stay away we feel anxious even though we know that it needs to be done. What kind of a government silences it’s people by killing them?

We have kept a close eye and we too are just as fed up with the inconsistencies in policy making. We all agree that the Zimbabwean government has abdicated it’s duties for too long, they have failed the people of Zimbabwe. Today my thoughts are with you as you launch yet another peaceful and non- violent shut down. It feels like Zimbabwe has been pregnant for a long time  and has begun to experience intense contractions, vanhu havachada and havachatya  l pray and hope that we give birth to a healthy bouncing baby!

4 thoughts on “Is Zimbabwe about to give birth?

  1. Indeed proud to have outhors who came from my womb above all i give thanks to the Almighty who gave my daughters intelligents .It can only be God.Palsms 107:1

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