Things aren’t always how they seem!

Mr B was a prosperous business mogul. He owned several factories in different cities around the country. He was a kind and generous man, he believed in taking good care of the factory workers more than the management because he believed that a pyramid can-not be sustained without a grounded bottom or foundation.

With this in mind, he used to throw lavish pool parties for his employees, where they would be gifted with free food and all kinds of precious gifts.

One day, whilst hosting one of his regular parties, he decided to surprise his guests by issuing a somewhat strange proposition to them. He informed them that, in the pool were two enormous alligators.  He declared that, if anyone was brave enough to swim the full length of the pool and come out the other end alive, he will reward them with an opportunity of naming their own prize! Although everybody was aware of how wealthy Mr B was, no one was amiss to the danger at stake!

However, before he even finished talking, there was a loud splash into the pool! Mr B watched speechlessly, as a young man swam very fast across the pool, seemingly without even stopping to breathe! He quickly jumped out of the pool and walked across to Mr B with a look of determination on his face.

Mr B approached him, he couldn’t wait to meet this brave young man and wanted to know his motivation for risking his life like that. He remarked, “well done young man, name your prize?” The young man looked at him square in the face and spoke with a voice full of anger, “all l want is to find out who pushed me in!”

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