I had a bad day!

Whilst reading a book by John Maxwell.  I came across a chapter about what defined a good day and whether we have a list of things to tick off in order to decide if it was a bad or good day?

As l listened l had a feeling that l knew where he was headed with this! I was very familiar with John Maxwell’s teachings and l quickly deduced that he was going to talk about a personal development plan!  The chapter emphasised and discussed more on having a personal development plan which leads to success. As success is hidden in our daily habits.

I think his day got worse than mine!

I took this opportunity to pause reading the book and explore my daily habits to see if l was on track. I considered that l was writing, journaling, reading my bible and praying more.

I was especially proud of myself for being very persistent on the Blog.  l went to bed on a high that day!  It wasn’t until l woke up the next morning to discover that l had completely missed my husband’s birthday?

What’s worse was that, by the time l remembered, he had already left for work. I was very disappointed with myself!  While it’s not always about the gifts. I value acknowledging, honouring and reminding him how much myself and the kids love him.

Therefore, l felt that although l had established daily goals, l had failed on one important aspect of my life! And if l had to reflect on that day l would have to conclude that this day had been a bad day. Resulting from this oversight on my part. I believe that life is what happens between the busy plans that we make.   l never want to become one of those individuals who achieve their goals but discover that they are still unhappy in their personal lives.

Consequently, having daily goals means evaluating them each day to see if the priorities need altering.

Fortunately, l now understand that failure is an event that can be learned from and l intend to make good use of lessons gained from this incident.

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