Life lesson’s continued…

At the dawn of the day, deep in the African forest. There is a gazelle waking up to a new day.  This gazelle  is filled with determination. As it wakes up to face a new day, it knows that it has to run very hard and very fast to preserve it’s life. It knows that the only way it can stay alive is to outrun the lion or else it loses it’s life and becomes the lion’s dinner.

On the other hand, the lion is also waking up to a new day. This lion is filled with purpose and the goal for the day is chase and catch a gazelle  without fail in order to feed and not starve. This lion knows that if it doesn’t run hard and fast it will die of hunger. It needs to consume the gazelle to survive.

 In other words, for these  two animals it really doesn’t matter whether it’s a gazelle or a lion planning the day. Both animals know that, when the sun starts shining they better start running   and they have to run whether they like it or not because their life depends on it. The overall goal is to live long but, everyday, they perform a task towards achievement of the overall goal.

This lesson teaches me a lot. Does it teach you anything? Please leave a comment.

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