Lesson’s in life continued…..

On a dark, cold and grey day during a downpour, two marketers wake up in their different locations. The first one jumps up from the bed when his alarm goes off. He draws the curtain back and noticed how terrible the weather is. Makes up his mind quickly and resolves that it’s insane to go out in that type of weather!  Greatly, feels relief as he steps back into bed. After all, he consoles himself  probably not many businesses  will open that day anyway,  due to bad weather. He slips back into a nice warm bed.

The second person also wakes up and does exactly the same as the first man. Draws the curtain back and upon seeing the unusual weather, quickly, makes a decision. He is filled with a deep sense of determination and he concludes that the different weather makes it a perfect day to go selling because they are bound to be no other salesman.  Infact, he is certain that most salesman, do not go out in this kind of weather so  that would give him an advantage as he would be able to access their share of customers too.

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