Dear Altovise Pelzer, my Godly wink!

After starting my Blog and writing for a while.  l began to think about stepping out of my comfort zone, subsequent to realising that my church did not seem to have a blog. l thought about offering my services to write and manage the church Blog. Specifically, l wanted to reflect on the Pastor’s sermons to cater for those who were not able to watch the recorded sermons but could spare a few minutes to read.

The more l contemplated on this idea the more l felt overwhelmed with fear, ultimately   l decided against pursuing this goal.

I know that successful people are highly ambitious and they challenge themselves, constantly to step out of the comfort zone.  My conclusion was not entirely based on fear. The reality for me Altovise, is that not many people are reading My Blog except for my faithful close family. Furthermore, l have been utilising Face-book ads to market myself but stopped when l noticed that people would like my page but never read my content.

 In view of all this, I went back to the drawing table to search for answers, then l stumbled upon a lady called Patrice Washington on you tube. She discussed how she implemented numerous success principles in her life. However, the one that stood out for me, was when she mentioned that she accredits all her success to “Godly winks”. Which is basically a special sign from above, acknowledging that you are on the right path. This apparently helped her through in her moments of doubt. Much similar to what l was going through.

Hence, with the understanding that wisdom is applying what you have learnt to reach set goals. l prayed and articulated to God that l would carry on writing only if l received a sign to confirm approval of my chosen path. I requested my own Godly wink from God and waited.

Even though l know that success is not an overnight or instant thing l still needed conviction to work on my Blog. I would hold onto this belief until l achieve my goals.

I had been away from my Blog for exactly a week and this morning l woke up to a notification from word press informing me that you had liked my post. Happy days! At which point l looked you up to check who you are. I was amazed, l found out that you are a best-selling author, A keynote speaker, Tele-summit strategist, founder of the Your voice and Reactive me online communities, V.i.p live streamer and Head script writer for Breaking Free International.

You are also a mother just like me. Altovise, I just wanted to write and let you know that by liking my writing, you did something extremely special for me. Thank you for being my Godly wink, this morning you have made my day and l am thankful that God used you to encourage me in my moment of weakness. You are an awesome individual, your story makes you a powerful role model to me. I needed someone like you in my life. I found you on you tube and have been listening to the interview’s you gave on podcasts.

Your two books, It’s ok to cry and Define your voice, are now top of my list.

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