Creating an opportunity fund.

An area of great frustration in my life has been failing to save money, even though l knew that it was a sensible thing to do as an adult.  Growing up, my father always educated us (myself and my siblings) about the importance of saving up, for a rainy day.  I understood the reality, a rainy day may present in my life, whether l liked it or not. I didn’t necessary feel obliged to prepare for it. l resolved to focus on the positive aspect of my life!

When my husband and l sat down to plan our budget, l detested having to refer to our rainy-day fund because l knew that words are powerful and l believe in utilising   words to create a favourable reality rather than focussing on the unfavourable outcome. Expecting a rainy-day, definitely seemed like a negative outcome.

In view of this l became very reluctant to talk about the rainy-day fund, l was aware that talking about it meant that a rainy day was sure to come if we expected it.  Not planning or discussing our saving initiative created a failing saving plan.

I was convinced that if we save the money, an emergency or crises needing the exact amount of money we had, in our savings would arise.  Subsequently, all our savings would be depleted, and we would need to start over. I perceived this because, the cycle had been going on and on, in my life for as long as l can remember.

However l have saved up money and achieved other goals previously, therefore l knew that the reason why l couldn’t save up extra money for opportunities was because my strategy needed evaluation.

Whenever we change seasons in our life, whenever we grow, our strategy should change as well (Dr Cindy Trimm). My new strategy for motivating myself to save up more was that, l labelled my savings fund, “the opportunity fund”. Since then my savings began to grow steadily and seeing my opportunity fund also feels me with hope and excitement.

Saving is now top of my priorities, it is the first task l do before paying all my bills. I needed to be specific and call it what it is. The opportunity fund, not the rainy day fund.

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