How l connected to Lisa Nichols.

I no longer subscribe to the old-adage that knowledge is power. I have progressed onto investigating the difference between wisdom and knowledge. l have since learnt that knowledge is simply acquiring knowledge. Whilst wisdom, is actually knowing, how to apply that knowledge to achieve results in my life.

Successful people advocate implementing numerous principles to achieve set goals, i.e, journaling, affirmations, exercising, mentorship etc. I singled out a phenomenon congruent with successful people. People that go on to achieve success, are so resourceful. They always manage to connect with influential individuals, at the beginning of their career such that they will be able to provide resources needed. Tony Robbins argued that it’s not a case of having capital, it’s about being resourceful.

 Hence articulating connection became a personal goal so crucial for the reason that, connecting is the ability to relate to and identify with people in such a way that it increases your influence with them. Furthermore, your ability to influence the influencers will determine your ability to grow (John Maxwell).

According to John Maxwell, everybody communicates but few connect. My research on this subject lead to discovering helpful skills such as good listening skills, empathising and finding common ground etc.  The main thing l learned was that, it is easier to connect with someone when you connect emotionally.

Essentially all the incidents in my life that are associated with strong emotion whether its sadness, anger or happiness are easy to recall. As human beings we experience emotion and we are capable of making a connection based on this, despite our different backgrounds. Armed with this knowledge l decided to see if it works.

The person l chose to connect with is a motivational speaker called Lisa Nichols. She is a public figure and l have to admit, l wasn’t very hopeful but l decided to grow my connecting muscle, so to speak.

I am an avid fan of Lisa Nichols as you would probably know. I have listened to her speech, l read her books l follow her on social media.

My opportunity came when Lisa posted pictures of her son Jelani, who recently got married. Everybody visited Lisa’s page and expressed their congratulations. l saw my chance to connect.

I decided to pen a message to Lisa and l felt emotional as l typed it.

“Dear Lisa, l feel like l have known you and Jelani personally since Jelani was a baby. I was moved by your story,  Jelani was a little baby and after running out of money to buy diapers, you wrapped him in cloth and with tears in your eyes ,you touched him and you said, don’t worry Jelani mummy will never be this poor again. To see Jelani today as a grown man and the success you have accomplished makes me feel genuinely pleased for you! You deserve to celebrate and be happy. Congratulations!!.” I pressed post and waited.

After a few days there was no response and l consoled myself. After all Lisa is a public figure and it would probably take me a few attempts to connect with her.

As l follow her on social media, l logged in one day and hey presto!  Lisa had responded by making me a top fan on her page!!!!

I was ecstatic l knew that my message had  stood out and l had connected to Lisa emotionally. I had succeeded in connecting with Lisa, because  l observed that whenever she told the  story about reaching rock bottom with her son, she gets emotional and being a mother myself, imagining what that must have been like makes me emotional too.

I was pleased that l was able to connect with an influential person but most importantly l felt successful. I implemented my learning to achieve results.

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