How l overcame sadness.

I think the worst experience in life is to feel sad and deny that you are sad. At the worst point of my life, faced with a personal challenge l became very fearful and subsequently became very sad.

My feelings of sadness were based on fear about how l would navigate the future in view of the looming crisis in my life.

My preconceived idea was that fear is evil and should never be entertained.

What if l had known that fear is a real thing, that is seeking clarity in my life. Some people argue that fear is a real person that should be spoken to. What if l had looked fear in the face and asked why it was there and what answers it needed from me?

Fear would have turned around and informed me that it needed more answers.  It would have told me that it needed me to get more emotional support and needed me to find someone who knows more about the issue than l did at the time.  Fear would have told me that it needed more clarity.

Then what if l had known that gaining clarity would lead me to taking the required action that would free me of this fear and replace sadness with feeling untroubled about the future.

Sometimes the way we deal with sadness is based on repeated thoughts and repeated belief system and the core to shifting the belief system is to address the belief system itself (Lisa Nichols). In my sadness Island, l thought about how unlucky l was, and how no one could help me or understand the enormity of my situation.

I resolved to address the limiting core belief system initially, before rectifying the circumstances in my life.

I changed it by adopting a belief that l could conquer the challenge with more information which would enable me to learn how to manage the condition.  I began to understand that every problem is an opportunity to grow and every situation is seasonal in life just like we have day and night. l started believing that having a positive reaction to whatever was happening in my life would always lead me to a better outcome.

Addressing matters that affect mental state is a way of maintaining a healthy state of mind which is needed to pursue your purpose on this earth! The side effect is feeling happy and satisfied about your life.

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