In order to achieve a state of mind that is focused on improving our lives, we need to learn to forgive. However there is a misconception about forgiveness that we all need to clarify in our minds. Forgiveness is releasing the unpleasant feelings that we may be harbouring about something or someone in our hearts.

 Choosing to unshackle ourselves from the adverse impression instigated by a particular situation or someone is forgiveness.  Forgiveness is so radical, that when real forgiveness has been accomplished, feelings of hatred or resentment are replaced by love. Although this may not always be an instant process but rather a gradual process.

Whether we choose to maintain a relationship with the offending individual after we have forgiven them is a very different subject altogether. This is where the misconception occurs. After forgiving we have to make a choice of remaining or terminating a relationship. We should never be pressured to remain in relationships that no longer serve us. If onlookers decide to assume that we have not forgiven on those basis, it is not our concern!

 Forgiveness is a very personal experience with the initial purpose of benefitting the forgiver. Allowing ourselves to forgive is not justifying the actions of the offender it’s about liberating ourselves. It’s never about the other person or whether what they have done is right or not. It’s about cleansing ourselves.

 When we decide to get rid of these negative feelings in our mind we are able to focus on being positive. Being positive enables us to become creatives and pursue our goals relentlessly and wholeheartedly.

 Forgiveness is an essential bible based principle practised by successful people. God knows how toxic harbouring unforgiveness is.  If not addressed, it might end up affecting you more than the person you are suppose to be forgiving.

I decided to always strive to forgive persistently as this enables me to focus on the right things  in my life and allows me to become super productive.

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