In a few of my Blogs l discussed how for the longest time, wondered why l was being motivated but still failing to transform my life. It occurred to me that, like most people l believed in the old adage that knowledge is power?  Contrary to popular belief, knowledge itself is useless unless you  change  your life after attaining that knowledge!

Sir Richard Branson the CEO of virgin business, aptly named his business “Virgin Group”. When he decided to venture into business he was a novice, which meant he had no knowledge at all of how to run a business. Yet today he is a very successful, world renowned business man! Furthermore Sir Richard Branson is not the only person who stopped pursuing knowledge to take action. Mark Zuckerberg the creator of face book is also known to have dropped out of college. He went on to create a social media platform that made him one of the richest man alive today.

 Although these individuals started as novices, they mastered that art of implementing acquired knowledge to be successful. They uncovered that acquiring knowledge without taking action is pointless. They did not stop acquiring knowledge, the new perspective was to absorb and implement knowledge immediately. Knowledge is only powerful when it’s supported by action!

I am very much aware that we are living in the age of information. Information which pretty much explains how to do anything in life, has become readily available for free online.  Yet I or we were still failing to achieve our dreams.  The reason being that, we only read, felt smart and assumed we had accomplished something, without actually implementing something new from the knowledge to improve our lives.

Knowledge is like faith, it’s dead without works and knowledge becomes useless when it’s not implemented for change immediately.

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