As l grew older especially when l was approaching the big 40 l was filled with a great sense of apprehension. Initially I thought l was having a mid-life crises, after pausing to take a closer look, l realised that actually l have been dreading every single one of my birthday’s for several years prior to approaching the big 40. I later discovered that this a classic symptom of fear caused by a feeling of being uncertain or agitated about the future.

The usual stresses in life such as job, personal challenges were keeping me in a state of trepidation. When I embarked on a journey to search for answers l discovered that while l was cowering in fear and wasting my time being idle. Successful individuals had managed to banish every ounce of fear from their lives!  In fact they are so fearless and excited about their future prospects they can’t wait for their next birthday to approach. I wondered how they had managed to achieve this?

Cindy Trimm revealed that her life is so exciting, she often feels that she can’t wait to wake up every single day. What’s more the next years in her life can’t come soon enough for her, she has planned upcoming exciting events in the next year, next 2 years, 5 years, 10 years etc.

According to Dr Trimm fear is caused by losing focus of vision and goals, it’s being led by what you see and feel. These are the external forces that create anxiety which can lead to fear. It may also be created by what you are listening to (radio), reading (newspaper) or watching (news on tv).

To eliminate fear you have to see, hear and watch something positive persistently. Reading the bible or anything positive such as this Blog. You also eradicate fear by identifying who you are and your purpose on this earth, being ignorant about this will create anxiety and discomposure in your life.

Creating a vision and setting goals in my life is what eliminated my fear, it changed my outlook about my future. Focusing on my inner goals in life enabled me to regain control and become optimistic about the future. When you create big dreams and believe in them wholeheartedly the excitement is immediate even though the dreams maybe in the future.

Successful people are not reactive to life they take control by planning their life.

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