Daily Habits

The goal of becoming successful is a marathon, a lifestyle and certainly not a sprint. Changing your life is about being intentional regarding daily habits. Success is hidden in your daily habits.

When you persist with the same actions for a prolonged period, success becomes inevitable. If success is hidden in your daily habits, it’s mandatory to reflect on your daily habits! Subsequently it takes introducing and maintaining one new habit at a time. Eventually moving to introduce another one, only after the last habit has been mastered.

Maintaining focus and persistence involves undertaking a challenge daily, and achieving small targets associated with attaining your life goal.  It’s not about focussing on results because if you focus on getting results you might start to feel impatient and this is not the state of mind required to acquire your dreams. (l wrote about this in my Blog titled patience).

Terry Saville noted that the difference between masters of success and ordinary people are the daily habits they engage in. In order to achieve life goals, you need to possess very specific daily habits and create time for practising these habits.  

Oprah Winfrey and other celebrities have furnished us with information on their routines.  They discussed the daily habit of waking up early to undertake specific tasks, before commencing a working day.  The tasks mentioned include objectives such as praying, meditating, reading, writing and exercising etc.

John Maxwell argued that a person working towards achieving their life goals should have an organised day. He revealed that he was able to determine if a person is headed for success or not by simply observing their daily habits on a single day.

 Scheduling thinking time ensures that you reflect on the actions you are taking and improve them. You are also able to reflect on the lack of actions and examine reasons for this to improve your outcome.

Success means constantly evolving and growing.

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