Recently I watched a very old Oprah Winfrey TV show. A book called “The Secret”, which has also been made into a film was being reviewed. My attention was drawn to a couple that featured on this film. This couple was grumbling about a lack of intimacy in their marriage. At the time of watching “The Secret” film, they were seriously contemplating a divorce. After stumbling upon “The Secret” Film they not only managed to save their marriage but they began to enjoy a new level of romance and intimacy in their relationship.

Watching the film, enabled renewal of their marriage through applying new skills gained from watching this film. After implementing the newly acquired skills, their problems did not vanish into thin air! They changed their perspective and started appreciating their marriage. This illustrates the positive effect of procuring knowledge to solve problems. 

Creating a dream life is about maintaining a balance on everything that is important in life such as marriage, family, finance etc. Hence pursuing success at marriage is a very important aspect of living the dream.  

 Dr Miles Munroe argued that only one attribute was required for a successful marriage. Contrary to popular belief it is not love but attaining knowledge about how marriage works. Although his opinion could be construed as controversial, l considered that he had been happily married for 32 years when he made this statement.

 He was also a successful man at running businesses all over the world and he attributed all his success to gaining prior knowledge before executing new ideas.  He also interpreted that a numerous amount of unpleasant cycles and situations in life are repeated due to lack of information. He encouraged reading for personal success and to protect future generations as we will be able to pass on our learned knowledge.

It became apparent to me that successful people do not read for the sake of reading.  Reading is about  acquiring specialised knowledge required to undertake a new skill. This is what increases chances at being successful!

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