Once l got started on writing my Blog l experienced a big sense of excitement and accomplishment. l had finally managed to step out of my comfort zone and display my thoughts openly. Although l felt nervous, l understood that courage is not the absence of fear but advancing your idea despite the fear.

A while after, l started noticing that, there wasn’t much traffic at all to my Blog. Granted that this Blog is based on my reflections and aimed at personal development. Still I secretly hoped that people will start to take notice, but no one was even slightly interested.

It seemed that the more l wrote the less people were interested in reading my Blog. My excitement slowly started diminishing, the doubt began to sneak in. Suddenly this idea didn’t seem thrilling anymore.

 Reflecting on these feelings made me realise, what l was going through was not unusual or specific to me. It’s what everyone goes through. Often, once you get started you will have to endure a period where nothing seems to be happening.

 Terry Saville stated that we all have a lottery or microwave mentality, we wish for instant success. However we have to develop a crock pot mentality, we have to wait no matter how long it takes. Every successful person needs to learn the art of waiting!  Achieving success at anything takes lots of patience.

Being made aware of all this made me realise that, I could be patient and l was resolved to keep on writing.  It wasn’t about how many people were reading, it was about keeping me focussed to pursue my goal.

 There is evidence to support that being patient and never giving up leads to phenomenal success.

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