The other day, my associate related to me how devastated she was because the people in her life whom she thought were her best friends had berated her for being arrogant and conceited.

This associate of mine is diligent in striving for success, constantly improving herself and pushing the limits and boundaries of personal development and growth. She is relentlessly pursuing the journey of revamping her life despite all the challenges she faced.

 Apparently, this incident had troubled her deeply and l understood the reason for this. She is kind, would never deliberately seek to undermine or sabotage anyone. It’s just not in her nature!

However, because l was detached emotionally to the situation, l could see what she could not.

 Dr Miles Munroe observed that success is predictable! Commonly you can see signs of success before the crescendo of triumph. The signs were clear, evident and visible to me. After working hard to improve sometimes we often dump down our progress to fit in. The pain of rejection can be too much to bear!

On the other hand, Dr Cindy Trimm recalls that one of the first signs of success that she ever experienced was rejection. She argued that rejection is an indication that you have outgrown a relationship, it no longer has the capacity to support your progress or greatness.

 Dr Trimm goes on to illustrate that being rejected from your close ones is God’s way of delivering you from culture. Culture is what creates the paradigm and it is impossible to advance further than what your paradigm will allow. No-matter how many opportunities you get, you will always default back into struggle, so your paradigm has got to be shifted.

Rejection occurs because when people fail to control you, rejection follows. Subsequently, when God connects you to your true identity, you will stop asking for permission to be or do anything and this will be unfamiliar to your friends.

Rejection is required to maintain continual progress to success!

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