Successful populace believe in a higher power than themselves. They frequently petition their  requirements to God, the Universe and other religions.

I believe most success principles are bible based but there is no acknowledgement of this because of the negative implications of being associated with a religion. John Maxwell is a world renowned leadership expert,  who teaches skills based on these principles.

The law of attraction is a belief that you attract what you think about into your life. This is underpinned on a bible verse, as a man thinketh in his heart so is he (proverbs 23vs7).  Personally I don’t feel qualified to preach and any individual who chooses to read the Blog, should be made to feel welcome regardless of their belief because Jesus encouraged us to love each other.

Successful individuals are spiritual not religious, they acknowledge that a human being has a physical body and a soul which is attached to God or the universe.  The sovereign God, the creator possesses the universe in all its entirety and can grant all requests .  Provided, the soul understands Gods expectations such as exhibiting moral virtue. Being in touch with the spiritual side is what this is all about.

 The soul, being the mind can be connected to God. Once connected, you are able to communicate to God or the universe and petition your requests.  Subsequently after submitting your request, believe and receive. ( Matthew7 vs 7-8)

Florence Schivel Shinn revealed that, the desires of our hearts are already existing in the spirit realm. Our role is exercising faith until everything has manifested. Steve Harvey stated that the Bible is so effectual that some people have chosen a single verse and utilised it to achieve tremendous victory   over different challenges in their lives.

The process is simply ask and believe then wait to receive. Believing (maintaining your faith) is a big part of success principles. However taking inspired action or working towards your goal, engaging in personal growth, literally committing all, within your physical power is what is meant by waiting to receive.  During the period we wait to receive, our requests are being moved from the spirit realm to the physical side where we then to begin to experience them.

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