Yesterday whilst driving my children to school, a Disc Jockey on radio insinuated that imagining a million dollars and expecting it to appear is tantamount to foolishness!

Naturally l strongly dispute this statement. Clearly this is one of the reasons l always adopt to concentrate on faith building sermons as opposed to listening to the radio. I do make exceptions though when l have children in the car. Which explains why l heard this. In retrospect l am glad I heard this pessimistic babble as it emphasises and justifies taking action to protect myself from cynical influence.  Listening to the radio for a few minutes might appear innocuous whilst being counterproductive in achieving the state of mind needed to revamp your life.

I’m not sure how much transformation this Dj is desiring in her life.  l perceive that if you are determined to experience a fulfilling life, you have to implement what you have never done before! Doing what you’ve never done before involves using your imagination more often to create the life you desire.

Unquestionably, in the creation world everything was instigated by the power of the imagination.  Each and every product that we notice surrounding us was imagined into existence by a human being. Absolutely all developments in the human kind such as electricity, aeroplane , cars etc were created using imagination. Imagining is so vital that even school children are being taught to utilise this skill in their development.

 l also got to discover that dreams, (the drive for success)  in  life  are created by tapping  into the imagination.  I generated my dreams by simply imagining the kind of life l desired to have.

Subsequently l wondered if l was being indulgent and l deciphered that God speaks to us through the desires of our hearts and places dreams in our hearts.  I was blown away.

It’s not possible to be transformed into what you never imagined in your mind. Neither is it  possible to obtain or create what you never conceived in your mind.

Imagination makes it possible to visualise your future.  It a plausible success principle that l am implementing in my life. It is effective.

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