Silver lining.

Every Cloud has a silver lining.

One day my friends and l were talking about a girl who had been subjected to the most unbearable racist behaviour at Nottingham University. The story had gone on to feature on ITV.

Although racism is prevalent not everyone is prejudiced towards other races.  My friends are a testament to this.

 Anyway after musing about this occurrence, my friends turned towards me and asked if l had experienced any racism at all? Although this question was presented sincerely, I was stunned into silence by that query!

 I struggled to come up with an answer. The reason being, not wanting to endure any pity from my companions. This question made me realise that my friends were oblivious, to the true extent of the situation at hand. I appreciated this, as they had never travelled my journey.

 I endeavoured to enlighten them that not only had l faced racism, it was something that l dealt with every single day.  As opposed to encountering it occasionally.

I believe the silver lining to the racism cloud is deciding to achieve more in my life despite the negative rhetoric encompassing me.  My drive then becomes striving for success despite the odds and the statics.

 I suddenly realised that l couldn’t continue viewing racism negatively but to appreciate it for what it led me to become.

If you are constantly rising above adversity to aspire for success you are already on your way to becoming successful. All successful individuals understand that success can be a series of decisions that you make over a period of time.

What is the cloud in your life and how can you use that emotion positively?

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