Yesterday a video, about a Nigerian lady who was begging for money in Canada went viral. This lady claimed, she didn’t have sufficient cash because the government in Canada was offering her “very little money”. The person filming her went onto to ask why she had left Nigeria in the first place and she explained that the government in Nigeria was mismanaging the economy. As a result, there was extreme hardship.  To evade the poverty in Nigeria she relocated, for a better life in Canada.

I do not know the full story of why this lady was begging, but l couldn’t help but wonder why the video had gone viral. Scrounging for money to purchase food for your own children from mere strangers, appears negligent. It came across not only as irresponsible but shameful too.

It was obvious that the better life was eluding her still in Canada. Being also African, l am no stranger to the nefarious, oppressive and defective ways of a Junta Government.  But l am also aware that they’re numerous success stories of Africans in spite of these corrupt governments. Why? They have opted to take charge of their circumstances.

My question to this lady is, when do we stop playing victim and institute taking responsibility for our own lives?

No one is going to issue out an official invite for you to come and partake in the journey labelled, your own life! Think! You’re the only existing common factor here. Those two governments are not conspiring against you. In fact, they probably dislike each other, and they are not concerned about you. You are the reason why people think less of Africans.

Taking responsibility for your life and actions is a proven success principle. It is literally impossible to improve your life, if you are playing the,” blame game” and thinking that someone else, apart from you is to blame for your situation. I believe that accepting full responsibility of your situation  facilitates the progress needed to  empower yourself.

I suggest you take a close look at your life.  Introspection might provide the answers as to why things are the way they are. Sometimes blaming others is easier than admitting failure. However, that is exactly what you may need to do to take charge of your life. Start investing in yourself and you will find the truth and the truth will set you free.

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