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When l set about finding out how to be successful, l was immensely thrilled to ascertain that, desiring change was one of the key attributes for pursuing success.

Having said that, my excitement quickly became short-lived after noticing that this desire is a fickle feeling which is best described as sporadic! It is a wish that every person engages in every so often, everybody wishes their life to change!  To advance my quest l needed to do more than wishing.

Desire or wishing for something to come true was not enough to transform life. It is precisely the reason, why my life had remained stagnant. l required ambition, a strong desire to achieve something! In reality, it was mandatory to implement ambition as a minute by minute mentality.  In order to maintain a burning desire to transform my life, l had to be intentional and strategic!

 Successful individuals have a strategy consisting simple steps, to maintain the required state of mind that facilitates triumph. If it was effortless each one of us would be wealthy. The strategy involves simple habits you have to adopt in your life to achieve success.

They have several habits to achieve this and one of those is affirmations, they religiously affirm detailed goals, dreams etc for at least 2 times a day.

 Initially I came across affirmations in the early two thousand (2003) while watching a comedy called, “All of us”. One of the leading actresses Neese James, who was full of humour, would walk up to the mirror and tell herself how beautiful she was. At the time l thought it was just that, a joke!

I discovered that, talking to oneself loudly, as loony as it seems, is what it takes. Tony Robbins teaches affirmations in great detail. Joel Osteen’s “The power of l am” Sermon, explains how every statement, that follow the words, l am, eventually become true in our life.

I have ascertained that in order to preserve a burning desire.  It will take tossing aside my inhibitions and chanting away happily day and night. My husband and kids are completely fed up as I sometimes get too loud and wake them up in the morning lol. If only they knew what l know l bet, they would be even louder than me!

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