Goodbye Disney thanks for the memories but l will never miss you!

After spending my last day at the park yesterday, l started reflecting and concluded that the memories you gave us have been great!As my kids are getting older and we have visited you a couple of times l think you’ll have to admit that it’s sensible for us to go our separate ways! Disney, for an expensive holiday it got a bit too much!As l said the memories that we created with you are great but whenever we came to see you we always experienced a great sense of dread!When we arrived, it was reassuring to see the men protecting you, in full army regalia with their guns pointing and ready to shoot!

However, this emphasized the danger for us especially when we noticed how crowded the place was!We endured all the queuing starting with the que to get through security. Queuing to be let into the park. Queuing to get onto the different rides, queuing to view different attractions, queuing for autographs with the pretend “Mickey”.Queuing to use the toilet, queuing to buy lunch and then queuing for somewhere to sit and eat our lunch.Queuing to drink water at the fountain. Joining the que to buy icecream and then finding out that it’s all ran out when we got to the front of the que?In between the very long walks we did yet more queuing until we found a que leading out of the park much to our relief. Our legs didn’t feel like they were still there.So we crawled back to the hotel and slumped onto our beds too tired to be interested in any thing else.

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