You with the sad eyes

In the book of Joel God said that he will restore all the years that have been stolen in your life.
I see that you’re determined to break out of the mould and leave your mark on this world! I believe God has given you seeds of greatness. I want you to know that people don’t determine your destiny but God does. Sometimes the people closest to you may not support you, let it go and run your race. Did you know God has put dreams in all of us but the responsibility of stirring them up is up to us.

You’re doing this and you inspire me. You should stay focused never let delay destruct your dreams.
Your dreams are right on time because God works in seasons. God can make a way where there is no way. God can create success sooner than expected because he’s a supernatural being.
You’re coming into overflow and you’re going to set a new standard in your family and life. The forces that are for you are bigger than the forces against you.
When negative things that don’t destruct your dreams are happening it means you’re on the right path way to your dream stay in faith.
Remember what God whispered to you in the night, the secret petitions of your heart? The stuff that you haven’t told anyone about? God is saying, l’ve spoken it l’m true to my word and it’s on the way!
My dear l need you to understand that when God puts a dream in your heart, they will be tough times and when those tough times come, God wants you to remember that he himself put those dreams in your heart and you’re to hold onto the promises of God. The dream will be fulfilled.
The right people, the right breaks are headed your way. Be prepared by stirring what God has given you.
Everything that has happened in your life so far is a set up for God to get you where you ought to be!

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