Is it time to resort to violence (war) to remove all the bad African politicians?

No l do not think that any violence will lead to a positive outcome no matter how frustrated we are. In fact, l believe violence is never the answer, people always end up sitting down to discuss the problem, so why waste time! Which is why l have suggested a better alternative at the end of this article.

Child soldiers in Africa.

When l received a screen capture about a story regarding how bald men are being murdered in Mozambique for their heads containing gold? I couldn’t believe how ridiculous and deranged that was! Although my husband and l joked about how he will have to wear a wig when we visited, to stop him being attacked. We were greatly troubled by this story!

 Then when l heard about young children in Ghana being accused of witchcraft, murdered and blamed for poverty in Africa. I was heartbroken and crushed not only because l am a mother and l couldn’t imagine my children being subjected to such inhumane behaviour. But also, because like everyone else l recognise that children are the future generation of any nation!

The albino’s in Tanzania being murdered and mutilated for their body parts to be used as charms which turn people into an overnight rich god or goddess! The stories get more and more horrific by the day. Underage girls in Malawi being initiated into sex with a so called “hyena” without giving their consent. Which leads to a spread of HIV infections.

How about we all let each other live because it’s not up to us to take away other people’s right to exist! Especially if we are doing it for our own personal gain. How about we banish all this rubbish and adopt a new way of doing life.

What if we all focused on educating and empowering ourselves?

 I get it, a lot of wrongs have been committed in Africa in the past.  Yes, it contributed greatly to our current state of affairs.  And it is not my intention to add to propaganda on Africa because l know how much potential is in Africa!  But there is a big stinky elephant in the room that everyone is completely ignoring! Admitting there is problem is the first stage of solving a problem.

When do we stop being victims and take ownership and leadership of where we are in life?

Yes, the government is responsible for legislation building infrastructure etc.  But the question that arises is what is my or your responsibility as a citizen? The governments in Africa have been leading for a long time and they have failed at it dismally. Could the answer lie in us realising that we can be leaders of our lives and that we can be responsible of creating our jobs and subsequently our own wealth.  

If the government’s role is to create jobs and do everything for us, then what are we here on earth for?

I believe as citizens there is something we can all do, to contribute to the wealth of our nations instead of going on about how the government are not providing jobs for us. Let us start creating jobs with what we have.

2 thoughts on “Is it time to resort to violence (war) to remove all the bad African politicians?

  1. Yes we need start thinking not to wait for leaders to think for us what if they are the worst who cant think .This young generation which is being abused are the future leaders.As mothers and grand mothers lets stand firm on the gap for our children and grandchildren praying day and night one day Africa shall be served. Cry my beloved Africa.


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