Nothing good ever happens in my life!

  Have you ever thought this?  Apparently there is something that can be done about it!

Changing your perspective changes the results you are getting in life!

A middle-aged man went to consult his therapist because he was so miserable and felt that his life had become a series of bad events.

 The therapist started by saying, “let’s do a little test before we proceed.” He got his writing pad out and drew a line in the middle dividing an assets and liabilities column.

Then he announced, “for the purpose of the test, on the assets side, we will think about all the things that are right in your life.  We will list them here. After that, we will look at your challenges and we will look at all the things that have gone wrong in your life….”

The man started laughing, “ l’m not  going to have anything on the assets side, he mumbled.”

The therapist responded, “that’s fine let’s just go through with the  exercise to help you overcome your challenges.” The therapist started by offering condolences and declared, “ first of all l just want to say, l’m so sorry to hear about your wife passing away.” The man was shocked and uttered, “what are you talking about?, my wife didn’t pass away, she is alive and healthy!”

 The therapist muttered, “oh has a healthy wife, alive and wrote it down.” Then he announced, “before we go any further, you must be devastated about your house burning down and you have been left with nothing!” The  middle aged man replied, “my house didn’t burn down, l have a beautiful house.”  The therapist commented,  “ he has a beautiful house, noted  it on the list.”

 Then he conveyed,  “one last thing before we get  started, “l’m very sorry to hear about how you got laid off your job and now you have no income, how are you going to make it?”  The man shouted, “where are you getting this information from, l didn’t lose my job, l have a good job he insisted.” The therapist also noted  down that he has a good job.

 Suddenly the man caught on and he demanded, “give me that list!” He wrote down loads of other things that he was grateful for in his life. He walked out of the therapist’s office with a whole new attitude and outlook on life!

When we make a deliberate effort to  talk about the good in our lives, we  defeat wrong thoughts. Yes wrong thoughts are defeated with words not with other thoughts. Words create the circumstances of our lives!

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