What does leadership have to do with you and me?

Numerous articles regarding leadership have been written and I will merely reflect from a Christian perspective because l believe that all the success principles are bible based.

After having observed all the problems of human kind Jesus concluded that the solution is sorting the leadership problem, we were lacking a shepherd. He looked at the community and observed that they were being harassed and appeared helpless. Harassed refers to being driven and controlled by external forces. Helpless equates to being unable to change your circumstances.  I certainly felt harassed and helpless as l carried on working at my stressful job despite all the challenges because of the expenses l had. Jesus’s statement completely resonated with me.

I needed to understand the power and importance of leadership or taking responsibility for my life because nothing happens without leadership. Furthermore nothing, succeeds, changes, advances, develops, improves or gets corrected without leadership. Leadership is necessary for things to be achieved or corrected. If there is a problem a leader needs to emerge to solve the problem!

We are always being led by something or someone directly or indirectly, by the external forces that maybe controlling our lives such as media, politicians, friends etc. Our duty is to make the right choice and choose the right guidance which in my situation was making Jesus my shepherd.

 Having a strong sense of who you are and choosing influences that impact positively on your life is what leadership is about to me. When someone chooses to take leadership of their life success will eventually be realised.

However, to understand leadership deeply we need to explore what leadership isn’t from God’s perspective.  A true leader does not require but may attract followers. It is not necessary for a leader to have a title, the greatest leader to ever live was simply known as Jesus. Needing a title identifies lack of understanding about what a leader is. Leadership doesn’t distinguish you as a superior person neither does it give you a disposition of advantage or quality of greatness. It is not a manifestation of superior intellect.

Consequently, in business a great deal of successful people dropped out of college but they still became successful at business and went onto employ some of the most intelligent people on earth.

In other words Jesus ignored all the so called good qualities of a leader and practiced servant leadership which is accessible to us at any stage of our lives.  

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