Previously l wrote about how l changed my perspective on giving. What l didn’t mention at the time, was that  giving is only a part of an incomplete process.  Before l get into explaining what l mean let me start by illustrating.

I heard a story about a homeless man who had lived on the streets for 25 yrs. Living on the street had taken it’s toll on his life and he appeared to be in his eighties when he was only 43 years old. One day a limousine pulled up on the street and a stranger came out, inquired about the identity of the homeless man.  After that, the stranger gave him a brown envelope with his name printed on it. The stranger had introduced himself as the last remaining uncle and begged the homeless man to go home with him. The homeless man refused and said all his friends lived on the street and he liked it. After the uncle had left, the man looked at the clean looking envelope with his name nicely printed on it and got so excited. He told all his friends about the lovely envelop but never opened it until he died. He never got to find out that the envelop contained a will with a deed for ownership of multi million estate.  He died on the street clutching the envelop. When he was found after he had passed away, the estate was handed over to the government.

Giving is the most powerful true essence of human spirit but can only be completed when the gift is received.  Giving is impossible without receiving and giving is not fulfilled until receiving is complete (Dr Miles Munroe).  The man mentioned above accepted and acknowledged the gift but failed to receive it.

Could it be that we have given gifts that were never received before and now we have lost interest?

Jesus discussed the concept of receiving and how that can impact our giving. (In Matthew 7vs6) The bible summarised that giving is noble but we need to scrutinize who we are giving because someone may accept the gift, thank you for it but never receive it. Ultimately when we give and the gift is not appreciated, instead of giving up or becoming angry, we should choose who to give carefully. Our gifts should only be given to those who need and appreciate our gifts.

Seeking to understand any concept that stretches personal growth is a success principle.

3 thoughts on “Receiving.

  1. After carefully selecting who to give it remains difficult to judge whether the recipient did accept and appreciate the gift in whatever form.The big question therefore is what to do upon discovering that all your efforts were in vain.

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  2. I personally don’t think God will see it as giving in vain. What’s touching is to see God putting your wellbeing first apparently if you give to people who don’t appreciate not only will they trample your gift but afterwards they tear you down.


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