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In December 2016 l received the finest present l never knew l needed in my life! It was a present so essential that it  caused a paradigm shift and  changed the trajectory of my life for the better!

My dear little sister had travelled all the way from Australia to England and presented me with a gift titled “ A little God time journal for mothers”.  l looked at it curiously and even though l knew what it was, l still went ahead and asked what it was and what l was suppose to do with it. It was such a novelty no one had ever given me anything like it before!

Little sis obviously found my question very amusing, as she was already, an old hand at journaling. She replied, you write in it silly. What do l write in it l asked? Anything she replied, even how you’re feeling, she said. Wow, thanks l said, secretly thinking this is the most useless present and was sure to gather dust on my book shelf and it did.

 The journal came into my life during the time l was experiencing a great deal of stress and l never thought it might help with this. Boy was l wrong!

 Exactly 2 months after she gave me the Journal I opened it and started scribbling my thoughts!  It was liberating! Literally the weight fell of my shoulders as l began to scribble.  l only paused to get tissues. Tears were rolling down uncontrollably , collecting onto the journal and messing up my writing. l wiped the tears and persisted to scrawl until l felt depleted.

 This is how l discovered and implemented the success principle of journaling to gain clarity, focus  and direction in my life. It is therapeutic, it enables me to de-stress. Writing allowed me to analyse my situation critically! l started seeing where l was clearly i.e stress, burnout and started recording how l wanted it to be. I noticed that writing your thoughts is more peaceful than talking about them! This is a successful principle that works!

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