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My pivotal moment of understanding was realising that sometimes the next action to take is to stop and do nothing! This means doing nothing concerning your life purpose!

Before l realised this, I would rummage the internet and social media to look at business ideas and observe what other people were doing. I thought l was looking for inspiration! The more l did this, the more l felt discouraged and demoralised. It seemed that people were far too ahead of me and had all achieved so much at a much younger age than me!  I was filled with regret about not having started sooner. I dreaded starting anything to avoid making a complete fool of myself. It appeared to be a hopeless situation!

I didn’t realise that in order to create something you need to first go through a period of silence. All the answers are found within.  Engaging introspection enabled me to gain access to dialogue in my mind. Paying attention to this voice was an eye-opening moment.  It became apparent to me that this was my impediment. That inner voice was full of defeatist chit chat. No wonder I hadn’t been able to get started!

After hearing this, I resolved to go into an even deeper silence by silencing this gloom ridden voice. l became intentional about listening to faith and confidence building messages.  l was emphatic and very strategic, when l was driving, exercising, cleaning. Anytime l heard that bleak voice l responded by shutting it down!

During listening to these messages my inner voice began to slowly change to an upbeat and constructive voice. This helpful and practical inner voice empowers you to become the creative that you need to be. When you change your inner chit-chat, you are able to come up with an original creation. Even if you tap into a flooded market. The product you create will be uniquely you.  When you decide to chase your dream or your purpose your greatest asset is you!

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