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Prior to feeling perplexed about not having a purpose, I deliberated on why l required to have a purpose in my life, in the first place!

 What is a purpose? Could unearthing my purpose lead me to my dreams?

Certainly, I learned that It’s all mutually dependent seemingly. Let me illustrate.

Even though, on the outset, my life looked well set. Happily married, professional job and a semi (not by the sea lol ) near the sea blah blah blah!

The sacrifice of sustaining all this, was remaining in my inflexible, challenging job. Yet frequently, returning from my job, worn out, only to slump at home and resume the day after and so forth. I speculated, is this all there is to life? What l didn’t comprehend, at the time was that, this is what living a life without purpose feels like!

 l yearned to know what my purpose in life is? I prayed and anticipated that God would convey my purpose while sleeping or give me a vision. Unsurprisingly nothing happened!

 Transpires that detecting my purpose necessitates going on a journey to discover myself. It is about understanding ways of adding value to this life.  My contributing to this life, in the same manner that  legends (eg Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King etc) in the past or living have accomplished.

 Sometimes this may not even have anything to do with creating wealth. Although it will eventually assist you to create wealth.  Perhaps helping the needy or fighting for something l or you believe in. Dr Trent observed that it is also about speaking against what breaks your heart!

  Contributing to humanity, chasing something greater than you, precipitates your life to take on a bigger purpose than only being a parent and maintaining a job.  Let’s face it, if this was sufficient we will all be appeased.

 My purpose is concealed in the things that l’m passionate about. My hobbies, experiences that l enjoy exploring, effortless occurrences. The things that are easy peasy, the sort of work that l would enjoy doing even without getting paid! How does this guide me to my dream?

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