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Thereupon I started to desire to do better with my life and l was on a quest to find out how? Friends, l began actively looking for ways of how to change my life, l needed to figure out how? l came across TED talks (You Tube) and searched for, “ how to be successful ?” and lo and behold, someone was talking about how he had been involved with drugs and alcohol and his life was on a steep downhill path leading to a catastrophic destination.

Strangely enough, one day he looked at his life and felt repulsed. He decided to change his life! How about that!  The first thing he implemented, according to this man, was he read books!  l was infuriated, because you guessed it, he didn’t reveal what books he read?

 Struggling not to give in to my exasperation, l dug my heels in, continued searching and voila, l came across another speaker who was very specific and said if you (l) want to be successful, read successful people’s books, they always explain exactly how they did it. Penny drop moment!

I was pleased my search had yielded results. Since l was already seeking change my brain had directed me onto the next action to implement.

 l embarked on a mission to read successful peoples’ books and the first phenomenon l discovered was that, they’re all pursuing big dreams and they ‘re all conscious of what their purpose in life is!

 I didn’t possess any big dreams and l wasn’t aware of the purpose of my existence?

They say ignorance is bliss and l certainly wasn’t ignorant anymore. How do l know what my purpose is, on this earth and how do l come up with big dreams?  Precisely how do l overcome this new complication, to create the life l want? Suddenly this didn’t seem as easy as it appeared. Bearing in mind that the state of affairs in my life had led me here, giving up wasn’t an option. It was obvious to me what l needed to execute next!

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