Mugabe the catastrophe of Zimbabwe! Part 1

First of all, this is a blog which l have wanted to write, since discovering that Mugabe had died a few days ago. Mugabe is the former president of Zimbabwe to those who may not know. Like everyone else l was very angry and l wanted to express my anger for the way he ran down the country. After all, this is all l vividly recalled about him.

Young well spoken Mugabe.

However, I resisted writing the blog because life isn’t about doing what other people are doing. It’s about asking questions and taking a critical view of events. Every event that we encounter in our life is here to teach us something about life. So l asked myself, what lesson was l meant to learn from this man? I realized that, in order to answer this truthfully l needed to observe his life, from start to finish.l started researching him and this is what l uncovered!

I discovered that this man, was well educated and well read. At a time in Zimbabwe (known as Rhodesia then), when everyone was grumbling about being suppressed and oppressed by the colonialists and feeling helpless, he became the visionary who rose up from the crowds to deliver his people. He was driven by a purpose bigger than him and believed in serving his people. As a result of this, he founded the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front political party and stood up to the white suppressor and challenged them. He was very articulate and when he confronted the white settlers he had this to say “everybody must be awarded their full political rights, whether they were white or black, educated or uneducated, rich or poor”.

The British settlers found it easy to colonise Zimbabwe because they did not have a defence army. Hence, Mugabe became instrumental in assembling and organising the army which involved recruiting and mobilising soldiers to different countries such as Mozambique and China to procure specialised training. To cut the story short, Mugabe’s party won the war and he became a leader in Zimbabwe. Initially in the first few years the country thrived under his leadership.

Then everything changed in Zimbabwe. I personally would sum it up as a catastrophe! Mugabe and his government became very corrupt. The country was impoverished whilst himself and his party members became filthy rich. The economy collapsed, the health system collapsed, the education system collapsed. The country has no rule of law, there is no electricity or running water. People fetch water from designated boreholes in urban areas unsurprisingly people started dying of diseases like cholera.

Blue roof …Mugabe’s mansion

Mugabe’s grand mansion known as the blue roof. Built by the money of the Zimbabwean people.

Food became scarce in the shops. Nothing works in Zimbabwe and l mean literally nothing in the sense of the word! They are no sewage systems. Children no longer go to school in Zimbabwe. Crime and unemployment are very high. Through all this, Mugabe and his ministers have accumulated insurmountable wealth. Which means the country is obviously generating wealth which they were swindling into their pockets whilst the country deteriorated. The political leaders in Zimbabwe have grand mansions all over the country in every corner of the world. Mugabe’s children wash their hands with champagne and are busy partying and jet setting across the world on private jets. Mugabe and his wife travel with a private jet to hospitals abroad. Mugabe’s wife has earned herself the nickname “Gucci Grace” because of her lavish spending habits. Through all this, the average Zimbabwean is dying from abject poverty!

Mugabe’s 2 son’s who wash their hands with champagne.

How did it get like this? Check out my part two on Monday the 15th of September. l will discuss what l think went wrong in my opinion, based on what l know about leadership.

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