My computer has crashed annoyingly. This happened at a time when l felt that l had taken a long enough break and it was time to get back at being persistent!

I decided not to be frustrated and use this time to reflect on my general progress in life.

l listened to a lady called Gabrielle Bernstein and she explained how she was trying to enforce a plan on her life which she had no control over. The plan was failing and making her very frustrated. Until someone told her to ask for help by praying to God.

She was trying to fall pregnant and when she couldn’t she realised after praying that this obstacle diverted her attention to what was already thriving in her life.

This made me pause because like her l have plans that l’m struggling to bring to fruition. Plans that are encountering obstacle after obstacle. But l can surrender those and focus on what is already thriving in my life. Every body has something that is thriving in their life.

Apparently when we focus on what is already thriving we achieve peace and alignment. This is where life purpose which leads to success is realised.

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