Put the glass down!

A psychologist conducting a stress management seminar, began by telling everyone how everyday we are faced with challenges which help us grow and help define us.  He explained that sometimes  when stress creeps in, it makes things seem impossible and can even paralyse us, preventing us from doing things that need to be done.

 To illustrate, he poured water into a drinking glass and asked all the students how heavy they estimated the  glass of water to be?   One student thought it contained 8 ounces,  another estimated 12 ounces, someone mentioned 16 ounces.

The  psychologist then  declared  that the absolute weight of the glass didn’t matter at all.  He insisted that, it depends on how long you  hold onto it? He stated that if he holds onto it for a minute nothing happens. If he holds it for an hour his arm will begin to ache. If he holds it all day long his arm will feel numb and paralysed.

  The weight of the glass will not have changed but the longer l hold onto it, the heavier it becomes, he reasoned. The psychologist maintained that the  stresses and worries of life  are like the glass of water.  If you think about them for a little while, there is no problem.  If you think about it for a little bit longer, it begins to hurt. If you think about them all day long, you will feel paralysed and incapable of doing anything. Always remember to put the glass down

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