The vow

Cynthia was completely fed up with her husband’s wondering eyes and his obsession with the opposite sex. As she met up with her friend Grace for a walk, they started discussing how her husband’s behaviour was upsetting her.  Grace, who was an older woman, was not only able to relate with Cynthia’s current situation but proclaimed that she had banished her husband’s promiscuous behaviour for good!

Cynthia was in awe and wondered how her friend had achieved this? Grace informed her about how she had given her husband a break from the marriage vow for a week, which allowed him to pursue single ladies or create any of his fantasies only for that week! She deciphered that not being able to do certain things in particular can make then more appealing, so she resolved to fix her husband’s unpleasant habits by making those things available for him.

 Apparently, Grace’s husband had gone and done what he couldn’t do before and after that, he didn’t find it appealing anymore.  He returned to his wife and devoted all his care and attention to her because straying had lost its novelty.

As soon as Cynthia got home, she immediately issued a marriage break for a week to her thrilled husband! She argued that as he was the only one tempted to commit adultery, she wouldn’t be involved. She would stay at home and wait for him whilst he attempted to resolve this bothersome matter.

So, the elated husband went off, checked into a hotel and started seeking ladies to bring back to the hotel for a good time. He searched high and low to no avail, he realised it was tough. He had after all been out of the dating game for a while now. Only on the 7th day he struck gold and a lady, who mistook him for somebody else, knocked on his hotel room and threw herself on him!

Meanwhile his wife decided to go out and socialise with one of her other young friends. They ended up being invited to a party and at that party, she met a very handsome young man who was so attracted to her and wanted to take things further. Although she initially resisted this unexpected temptation, she did a complete retraction and agreed.  Her husband had after all been released from the vow which meant that she was also free for that week. Unfortunately for her husband, she changed her mind and agreed to indulge so she spent the night with this attractive young man.

After spending a night with this rebellious man, she was filled with regret and shame for desecrating her marriage vow. She realised that she loved her husband   despite all the challenges, she felt abominable revulsion for committing adultery. She drove home filled with remorse and sadness with tears rolling down her eyes and obstructing her vision. Then she collided with an oncoming car and crushed!

Meanwhile the husband was wildly kissing the wayward woman who had thrown herself at him. Fortunately, just as they started to disrobe the husband received a phone call. His wife had been involved in an accident, he had to rush to the hospital.

He discovered that his wife sustained minor injuries and upon seeing her he was overwhelmed with guilty for accepting the break from the vow.  In that moment he realised that he loved his wife whole heartedly and could not contemplate losing her. He felt even more reprehensible, he couldn’t bear to think how agonising it must have been for her to imagine him and another woman. He was deplorable, how could he let that wanton lady into his room and kiss her like that?

He knelt, cried and pleaded with his wife to forgive him. Knowing what she had done, feeling conscience- stricken, she insisted that he should get up as she had something to say. But he was too overwhelmed with shame and flatly refused to let her to speak. He declared that if his wife agrees to forgive him for accepting a break from the vow then they will both forget everything and never ever talk about it for the rest of their life.

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