I usually come across forwarded messages on what’s app from my lists of contacts, some of these messages are a complete waste of time and some are worth taking note of. This time l received a message stating that in order to accumulate wealth in your life you needed to give first. Normally l would disregard this type of message as utter nonsense!  But this message reminded me to do something that l have been putting off for a while. On Sunday after church l walked up to the volunteering team and presented myself as available to work in church.

 I did this because my understanding about giving has totally changed. It never makes sense to give money when you haven’t got enough to feed yourself and your family l get that. This is why l did not give before. My moment of understanding was when l stopped thinking that money was the only resource l could give. I became moldable in that moment when l asked what l could give instead of declining to give money, which l didn’t have in the first place.

Progress is about challenging old perspective and relearning new and old principles. Consequently, the moment l understood l made a decision to give instantly because l realised that giving isn’t always about money.  I believed that if time is money l could give my time.

Giving is a command from the Bible and Jesus asked us to give without explaining any further. That tells me that God expects us to give even if we think we are too poor to give.   Therefore, instead of thinking that l have nothing to give, l should ask myself what l could give if there is no money to give?  Success principles are bible based and they are paramount, such that some people do not acknowledge the bible as the source of these principles but still reap the benefits.

Successful people are especially good at asking the right questions in their life in order to gain clarity. Most successful people believe in giving and this is no surprise as they have excess wealth to spare! The surprising thing which l didn’t realise was that they started giving whilst they were still poor.

Giving  is a prerequisite to attaining abundance. It demonstrates your faith and sends a message to God and the universe that you believe in abundance and that you could be trusted with handling more wealth. If you can’t give now you will never be able to give when you have more wealth (John Maxwell.)

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