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Consistently sharing my journey on my blog is my way of contributing or chasing my purpose. If this blog becomes well received and monetised, it might lead to creating the life l desire. This would mean earning enough profit to subsist on this Blog. Working flexible hours on my own terms and spending as much time as l need with my loved ones and becoming my own boss. Visualising this kind of a scenario becomes the dream.

 Since the dream is tethered to my purpose, assuming that the dream doesn’t materialise as quickly as l would like. l’m resolved to writing, it’s delightful. It adds value to anyone who takes time to read it. l explore ideologies acquired from successful people!

Nevertheless chasing a dream doesn’t always mean giving up your job. Financially it may not be so rewarding initially. It can be managed as a side hustle that feeds what you’re not able to get from your job or help to destress from your other job.

 When you effectuate what you adore and tie it to a good cause it demonstrates the concept that the why will always drive the how.  Hence, you start with finding out your purpose and your dream.

After finding out all this information sometimes, still deciding what to do is still problematic. In that case just start something anyway because a dream with action and plans becomes a purpose. But a dream without action and plan is just that, a hopeless dream!

Starting is difficult due to lack of self-confidence caused by questioning whether what you are doing is the right thing?  The answer is, you are never going to know without trying!  It is a journey of trial and error to discover what makes you content. Persisting in the why will help you stay focussed an eventually lead to success!

TD Jakes’ son asked his father, “dad how do l know if what l’m doing is aligned to my purpose” He smiled and answered “if it’s not then what you are doing will lead you to the purpose”!

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