How this becomes the beginning.

Dear readers like everyone else these days, l have been watching inspirational and motivational videos about creating the life l or you possibly desire. If you haven’t please check them, they’re particularly prevalent on you tube.

These videos are so captivating that l began to feel desperate. It felt like l was struggling to hold on whilst someone was rigorously pulling off the rug under where l was standing.  You see l had always grown up thinking that, in order to experience great success in life you had to have a special gift and you didn’t necessarily have to work hard or do anything special. I had grown up with the rhetoric that you’re born with a special gift, to make it in life, and if you grew up and you somehow discovered that you hadn’t been able to achieve success you had to accept it  as it was beyond your control  and only God could decide exactly how your destiny shaped.

 To understand why l was feeling desperate, please allow me to put you in the picture of exactly where l am with my life.

 l am middle aged, Zimbabwean and living in the UK.  Currently taking time out from my stressful job with the intention of going back after resting.  l was under the impression that life is challenging at times you just carry on because there is no option. I work as a registered nurse and my colleagues, who are just as stressed as me, still manage to carry on with the work despite all the stress.

Given everything that’s going on back home in Zimbabwe, the economic constraints, the political unrest etc. l should be especially thankful that l have a job, a decent house and can feed my children. And based on this, l was really determined to have a rest and go back to work to put up with the stress and so l thought.

In the midst of all this confusion l began to see videos of people claiming that, regardless of how l grew up, my background and my status right now in life, l can change everything for the better!  l can actually create the life l want and can work on my own terms. Being my own boss and having as much wealth as l can imagine! Transforming my life and stress doesn’t have to be the order of the day in my life? I was agreeably gobsmacked!

I carried on listening to the intriguing messages and the more l listened, the more l dreamed and imagined good things happening to me. It wasn’t long after listening, after the motivation fire had died down that l began to think.  They all sounded so convinced that it is possible to change my life, but they had all forgotten to be very specific in their explanation on exactly what l needed to do. My ancient beliefs, the main hindering block in my life had been shaken. l had been given permission to dream! l felt like l needed to get started like yesterday! Hence the feeling of desperation!

Unbeknown to me l had already stumbled onto the first stage of wanting to change my life without knowing it l had started to desire change in my life. I should not have been feeling desperate because the wheel of change had already started moving in my life.

My dear readers did you know that, most successful people dream about success, that they obsess about being successful and think about it all the time. Apparently if you think about something all the time your brain becomes fully engaged in helping you decide on what to do.  What did l do next?I invite you to come back here next week to find out.

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