Those lazy people at work who get promoted anyway!

A young, newly employed doctor walked into a hospital for the first time. After observing all the different nurses in their impressive colourful uniforms running around performing their busy tasks, he couldn’t help but ask? What do all these different uniforms mean he asked? Dr Patel who was writing his notes on the nurses station, quickly got up,  introduced himself and immediately launched an  explanation, you see Dr  Lee, the  nurses in the navy blue tunics are the ones who do the talking and they are very popular with the nursing management even though they do nothing!  Then you have the nurses in the light blue uniforms, now these ones do the work. They really do work hard. Indeed, but they are not so popular with the management! Obviously, Dr Lee was dumbfounded by this exposition!

The different kind of uniforms worn by nurses in hospital.
Nurses working in a hospital ward.

Although the nurses in the navy uniform, appeared to be all talk and no work, they were mostly  managing the department.  Certainly, part of their duties involved delegating most times, but they also had their fair share of challenges in their role. Insinuating or labelling them as lazy was unfair. The nurses in the light blue uniform were the junior ones and their work involved a lot of the basic nursing care. Which is probably the most important aspect of nursing care. However, nurses work as a multidisciplinary team and the general consensus is that all the different nurses play a crucial role and none is less essential.

However, Dr Patel flagged up very familiar and common misconception not just in nursing but in all the work places. Many a times myself included, felt frustrated in a work situation because some individuals appeared to be able to talk their way, not only into a promotion but could also  manipulate the boss to consider them as the  favourite employee? Whilst all the hard working and smart people who really do the work are overlooked and perceived as unpopular. Remaining plugged in to motivation has led me to change my thinking and challenge this assumption!

I have discovered that they are two types of people in any work place, the whiners and the thinkers. The whiners are often very smart and dedicated employees who work long hours but  they  are always  in the managers office complaining. Apparently, they are great at finding fault with other employees and pointing out the wrongs in the system. The problem is that  they are a  drain on anyone who comes into contact with them. They are so negative and  you end up trying to make them feel better  and after that you feel depressed. The thinkers on the other hand have a different way of handling issues they also go into the office but they are not in there to complain.  They have seen the same problems as the whiners but they have already thought of possible solutions and they go into the office with ideas of how to solve the  problems. I know which one l want to be.

 When you commit to self motivation you will follow the realm of the thinker naturally These people are more valuable to the organisation and themselves. It’s no wonder they are doing so well!

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